Starlight Symphony Orchestra Season Update

Note from the President

Dear Friends and Family of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra,  The Board Members of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra made a very difficult decision to cancel the remainder of our 2019-2020 Season. While the vote was unanimous, each member expressed their regrets and disappointment. Our concern about the safety of the orchestra and our patrons were most important. The virus will pass, and we want everyone back! Although shortened, the past season met our “Mission” to provide an opportunity for us to meet and work together to provide high quality entertainment for the enjoyment of like-minded people. We provided opportunities for Central Texas Students to play, participate and dance with our orchestra at both the Christmas program and the preparation for the Young Artist Competition concert. All this to extend their experience and learn to play with a full complement of instruments and learn from our conductor, David Oertel. I believe the enjoyment was ours! The Young Artist Competition by itself is a huge undertaking to invite, encourage and audition students across the region to win an opportunity to participate with our orchestra. The increased level of competition was apparent, and this year’s winners were nothing short of incredible! The rehearsals were awesome, and I hope our community will have the same opportunity to hear them play with the orchestra next season. I close with a thought and comment about Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 by Hector Berlioz. We played this piece at our fall concert. It was one, if not the most difficult pieces we ever played. The point is we accomplished this most difficult piece well, and we as musicians were better and more accomplished for having done so. This time off allows David Oertel the opportunity to find another “Berlioz”. I know we will be ready! Stay healthy and safe! God bless each of you! Respectfully, Walt Warren President

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